“My name is Chivas

I have the most beautiful blue eyes

I am soon to be ten years old

I love to go on walks and went I go to the park I like to steal other dogs balls so I can play with ball

I love to eat chicken drumsticks it my favourite food plus anything that my master eats to its also my favourite food too

I am a big sook went is come to thunder storms I hide in the bath tub” by John


“Peso was a desired puppy and we waited a very long time for him, he was definitely worth the wait and we couldn’t wish for a better dog.
He is not only our best friend and the most loyal companion we could ask for, but also a great entertainer. He enjoys learning new tricks and then showing them off to everyone, for a reward of course. His favourite trick is the meerkat which he likes to do just because he knows how cute he looks whilst doing it for his audience.
Peso is a typical dachshund, whether he is excited or bored he will be barking at everyone and everything around him, especially when he hears the doorbell and vacuum cleaner, they drive him crazy. Our little dog is a marvellous chewer, he can defeat XXL size chewing bones intended for much bigger dogs with ease. On top of all that, he is also a professional sock thief.
He loves kids and can patiently play with them for hours. He usually ignores other dogs but really likes all cocker spaniels, we have no idea why.
Peso with all his positives and shortcomings makes our lives so much happier, merrier, and more colourful, and we are very proud owners of such an amazing dog.” by Barbora