Inky (30 of 30)The Dogs of Sydney project is my way of showing how dogs are involved in our everyday life. The idea is to show different families, different social demographics, and different parts of Sydney.

People who you could think have nothing in common but at the same time are very similar; they have the same love for their dogs.


I concentrate on environmental photography, this shows not only the connections between people and their dogs, but also shows the homes of the dogs and how they live. I have been shooting this project for almost two years now, capturing over 40 families from Western and East Sydney, through Inner Sydney, to the Eastern suburbs of Sydney.


I was born in Poland and has been living in Sydney for past 13 years. I feel that as an “outsider”, someone who was born and raised in totally different culture, I am able see through my lens things that could be overlooked and missed.


My inspiration for the Dogs of Sydney project is my own dog and the relationship between us and my family. I feel like she has been my rock in many difficult times when I was dealing with my severe OCD anxiety.


I feel that Dogs of Sydney would be an interest to animal lovers, but it would also be an interested to a wider audience.


I tried to capture the essence of the everyday life and I feel great privilege to be invited in to people homes and in to their personal lives. Each family has written a personal blurb to go with their photos. It is fascinating how their written language corresponds with the photographic story.

Doofet-Jessica (10 of 26)Daisy-Freddie (3 of 35)

Jazz (1 of 21)


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