“Peso was a desired puppy and we waited a very long time for him, he was definitely worth the wait and we couldn’t wish for a better dog.
He is not only our best friend and the most loyal companion we could ask for, but also a great entertainer. He enjoys learning new tricks and then showing them off to everyone, for a reward of course. His favourite trick is the meerkat which he likes to do just because he knows how cute he looks whilst doing it for his audience.
Peso is a typical dachshund, whether he is excited or bored he will be barking at everyone and everything around him, especially when he hears the doorbell and vacuum cleaner, they drive him crazy. Our little dog is a marvellous chewer, he can defeat XXL size chewing bones intended for much bigger dogs with ease. On top of all that, he is also a professional sock thief.
He loves kids and can patiently play with them for hours. He usually ignores other dogs but really likes all cocker spaniels, we have no idea why.
Peso with all his positives and shortcomings makes our lives so much happier, merrier, and more colourful, and we are very proud owners of such an amazing dog.” by Barbora


“My dog initially was owned by my ex finance’s brother and his family. When they split it was too much for them to share the dog and the kids, so we took Sibella. Initially it was just for a year, but within three months they signed her over to us – it made me the happiest girl in the world Sibella has the best nature and is the most perfect dog – and now she was ours!

Belly is a white/blonde Labrador – a pedigree no less! She is now 11.5 years old. Her favourite toy used to be any ball or chewy toy she could pull apart. She loves sticks and anything she can chew … however she cracked a couple of teeth and now her favourite thing is to sleep on the couch, on my pillows on my bed and wherever she can find that is the most comfy place.

Belly is a wonder dog, loved by many, known in Bondi by name. She knows more people than we do!” by Katie.

Oscar and Mums-Mums

“I was 16 years old when I first encountered a black pekingese boy, it was in Vienna, Austria, and it was love at first sight. I couldn’t determine what that little adorable, playful gremlling-looking thing was, so I asked; what is it? A cat, a dog? 17 years later that was a question I finally started to get on a daily basis myself. 
My now husband and I had finally received permanent residency in Australia. We had come to and age ready to settle down plus I was working from home so there were no longer any excuses to postpone my dream of getting a pekingese. I found a breeder in Melbourne who had two black peke girls for sale; one 6 month old and one 3.5 year old. We decided on the 3.5 year old without having met the two of them – and it was a match made in heaven. We decided to call her ”Mums-Mums” (after a Swedish fluffy cake). Wherever we would go, we brought her. We smuggled her on buses, trains, taxis and in shopping centers. Naturally – she wouldn’t walk herself but be carried in a bag I got for her. I wasn’t aware of that little detail – pekinese don’t like walks – they expect to be carried.
We quite soon decided to get another peke and fell for a gold/red peke boy from a New Zealand breeder. His name was Oscar and he was trained to walk on a leash, at least for shorter walks. We were worried that Mums-Mums wouldn’t approve of the new family member, but luckily it was the opposite. During the first week Oscar was with us, Mums-Mums behaved like a teenager in love, rolling around on the floor, trying to get his attention. 
The two of them have very different temperament, but yet always together. Mums-Mums, a bit of a clown, loves playing with stuffed animals that she ”kills”. Oscar loves fetching ball and wrestling. Mums-Mums has zero interest in that. Mums-Mums is a real ”diva”; the kind of a dog that when everyone is upstairs, and she is downstairs, she will call on you until you come and pick her up. She loves hide and seek, but usually her wagging tail gives her away, and if she’s found a place were she really can’t be seen, then thankfully the door-bell works like a charm, every time. Oscar is a real sweat-heart, a cuddly teddy bear who wants to please everyone. Still they cuddle up together, chase each other in the corridor and play. 
When we had our baby just before Christmas 2015, we thought a lot about how to make the transition as smooth as possible for the dogs. It just had to work, they are or babies too and it was important to us that they wouldn’t feel replaced or less important to us. So the plan – which turned out well – was to get a pram/stroller with a basket big enough for the dogs, so they could join for walks. They very quickly realised that the new addition to the family came with a nice ride and also a nice place for daytime naps (just in case no one tries to sneak out without them). 
Pekingese is a very rare breed today. They are funny little dogs with a lot of humor. Their temperament are not too far from cats; they only care about their mom and dad (and siblings) and don’t bother about anyone else – and they will let you know. Company and visitors are not appreciated.
It is now almost 5 years since we first got Mums-Mums, and another 4 since we got Oscar. Yet today, not a day passes by without people asking what they are. I once overheard two Spanish speaking ladies discussing weather they were ”gatos” or ”peros” (cats or dogs) and decided they must be ”gatos”. Most dogs would find that the greatest offense of all, but I am pretty sure our dogs took that as a compliment.” by Marie

Millie, Yuki and Akira

“Our three furry kids are Yuki, Akira and Millie. Yuki is our first at 9 years old and he is a fox terrier cross Pomeranian. We got him from gumtree because the advert said he was the last puppy and would go to the pound if not collected by the end of the week. Akira came second and she is 8 years old. Her mum was pregnant in the pound and gave birth to her and her 6 siblings in foster care the day after she was saved. We think it really affected Akira since she was a very scared puppy. But Akira is now a totally different dog! Millie is our third (but will she be our last??) and she is just 3 years old. We saved Millie from a greyhound breeding facility because she had injured her paw somehow. It was very traumatic for her but the vets managed to save the leg and get her a prosthetic. We were only supposed to foster Millie but of course we couldn’t give her up. Since Millie we have fostered many other greyhound puppies and we hope to keep doing so!” by Nora