Millie, Yuki and Akira

“Our three furry kids are Yuki, Akira and Millie. Yuki is our first at 9 years old and he is a fox terrier cross Pomeranian. We got him from gumtree because the advert said he was the last puppy and would go to the pound if not collected by the end of the week. Akira came second and she is 8 years old. Her mum was pregnant in the pound and gave birth to her and her 6 siblings in foster care the day after she was saved. We think it really affected Akira since she was a very scared puppy. But Akira is now a totally different dog! Millie is our third (but will she be our last??) and she is just 3 years old. We saved Millie from a greyhound breeding facility because she had injured her paw somehow. It was very traumatic for her but the vets managed to save the leg and get her a prosthetic. We were only supposed to foster Millie but of course we couldn’t give her up. Since Millie we have fostered many other greyhound puppies and we hope to keep doing so!” by Nora


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