Bozley and Boof

Introducing Bozley and Boof. Part 1

“Boof 4 years old He is a Bull Arab. He was purchased from a breeder in QLD by Rob and flown down to sydney. His parents are champion pig hunting dogs – our boofy is the runt of the litter, unusual colouring for a Bull Arab and has the loveliest nature (sadly the fact he is scared of the wind, the blue tongue lizard (Dorothy) who lives in the backyard and even plastic bags that land in the yard, he would never make a good hunter .. And we’re glad of that). He loves to jump on the trampoline with the kids, go to the beach and destroy soccer balls. He resides in the yard in his custom made kennel complete with heated bed for winter and fan for summer. He comes inside but sleeps outside.” by Cassie


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