“Breed: British bulldog

Age: she turned 1 today!(Aug 20, 2016)
Favourite toy: designer stuffed rat from aunt Jose
Favourite food: pork crackling straight out of the oven
Favourite play: loves a good wrestle with her best friends Aussie Bulldogs Boucher & Chunchou
We called her Nigella because she is beautiful, British, loves food and will grow to have a fuller figure 🙂
British Bulldogs was a breed that suited our lifestyle and the limited space we live in, not to mention how adorable they are.  I was just extremely lucky, a girlfriend at work had bought her dog Sybil (Nigella’s aunt) from a reputable breeder, Mick.  Nigella was the last one left from his litter, only because she was returned by a lady whose circumstances changed.” by Mei


“I [Brigitte] grew up surrounded by animals and have always have a great respect for them, so after moving out of my family home with my partner Hayden a few years ago, I always felt there was something missing (in the shape of something small and furry!). Due to my strong love for pugs and all their flat-nosed friends, my mother and Hayden decided it was time for me to fill that gap.

Bowie was born on February 27 2016 and is now 6 months old. He was found through a breeder south of Wollongong and brought home in April and we couldn’t imagine life without him now. He is super cheeky and has so much personality- he is constantly making us laugh! He absolutely loves food and will eat ANYTHING… He does get especially crazy for a Woolies BBQ roast chicken though.

Aside from sleeping and snuggles, Bowie’s other great love is playing games. He will take up any opportunity for a game of chase, and will regularly engage himself in a round of burn-out around the house, circling around the coffee table or over the couch. If he’s not running, he’s probably chewing on one of his favourite toys… he has a whole box full, yet he’ll often opt for something he shouldn’t, like a water bottle or some misplaced laundry; just to start another game of chase of course!

One of our fondest memories so far was when he was only a few weeks old and still couldn’t manage the stairs. I had to run down stairs to grab something and he finally decided to have a go… When I made it half way back up the stairs I noticed Bowie with his front two paws on the second step and his back two still up the top. Although he couldn’t quite work out how to get the back two feet down afterwards, so he kept flipping them up into the air and doing a hand stand on the first step. Quite the talented little pup he is! I wouldn’t change a thing.” by Brigitte


“My name is Chivas

I have the most beautiful blue eyes

I am soon to be ten years old

I love to go on walks and went I go to the park I like to steal other dogs balls so I can play with ball

I love to eat chicken drumsticks it my favourite food plus anything that my master eats to its also my favourite food too

I am a big sook went is come to thunder storms I hide in the bath tub” by John


“Peso was a desired puppy and we waited a very long time for him, he was definitely worth the wait and we couldn’t wish for a better dog.
He is not only our best friend and the most loyal companion we could ask for, but also a great entertainer. He enjoys learning new tricks and then showing them off to everyone, for a reward of course. His favourite trick is the meerkat which he likes to do just because he knows how cute he looks whilst doing it for his audience.
Peso is a typical dachshund, whether he is excited or bored he will be barking at everyone and everything around him, especially when he hears the doorbell and vacuum cleaner, they drive him crazy. Our little dog is a marvellous chewer, he can defeat XXL size chewing bones intended for much bigger dogs with ease. On top of all that, he is also a professional sock thief.
He loves kids and can patiently play with them for hours. He usually ignores other dogs but really likes all cocker spaniels, we have no idea why.
Peso with all his positives and shortcomings makes our lives so much happier, merrier, and more colourful, and we are very proud owners of such an amazing dog.” by Barbora


“My dog initially was owned by my ex finance’s brother and his family. When they split it was too much for them to share the dog and the kids, so we took Sibella. Initially it was just for a year, but within three months they signed her over to us – it made me the happiest girl in the world Sibella has the best nature and is the most perfect dog – and now she was ours!

Belly is a white/blonde Labrador – a pedigree no less! She is now 11.5 years old. Her favourite toy used to be any ball or chewy toy she could pull apart. She loves sticks and anything she can chew … however she cracked a couple of teeth and now her favourite thing is to sleep on the couch, on my pillows on my bed and wherever she can find that is the most comfy place.

Belly is a wonder dog, loved by many, known in Bondi by name. She knows more people than we do!” by Katie.


“Moppett is a 6 year old Groodle who was very carefully chosen as a companion pet for our eldest son who is on the autism spectrum. My husband and I were not officially ‘dog’ people, we always enjoyed the company of cats, but we could tell from a young age that our son was very much a dog lover. Research led me to find out that Golden Retrievers have a beautiful calm temperament and Poodles are intelligent and good to train, so when you combine the two you get the perfect companion dog!

Moppett is most definitely a firm fixture in our family these days. My baby son has been born into a house with a large and loving, patient dog. Our older son sees Moppett as his best friend, and my husband and I have been known to cradle Moppett on our laps! Even though Moppett is quite a huge dog, he thinks he’s a lap dog and will often lean on us or sit on the lounge with his bottom, while his front paws are still on the ground!
He accommodates our cat, and when we had chickens, he would follow them around and make sure they were safe. The chickens would sometimes even stand on his back!
We love Moppett immensely and couldn’t imagine our house without his friendly big white head poking out of the fence to welcome us home. He is well known in our neighbourhood with people often stopping to pat him and I even have a list of people who have offered to take him for walks at any time! Walks are reserved for us, and a few chosen special people. He really is, “the best dog EVER!” as our son says.”
by Kathryn



“This is Rosie. She’s unbelievably good at being places she isn’t supposed to be; on top of the dining room table, on the sofa and wrapped up in the expensive wool blanket” by Lili.