Introducing Tailerwolf

Tailerwolf’s family is made up of Zoe and Warwick, their four children Oscar 9, Jake 7 Josh 18, Jessie 16 plus two hens Marigold and Tulip and a cockatiel Mango. “Tailerwolf was rescued 12 yrs ago from the Sydney Dogs Home, he is about 13 yrs old now. He is a terrier x poodle mix with a mixture of wirey hair and wool on his head, so he gets dreadlocks there but the rest of him is just wiry hair, I think he’s incredibly handsome of course and other people comment on him wherever we go. He loves unwrapping his presents when he gets one, he especially likes getting animals with long limbs or ears he can flip about and throw in the air to himself. He loves chicken wings as a treat (thankfully he doesn’t realise that Marigold and Tulip have some of those under their feathers). I came up with his name Tailerwolf as a mixture of him being a magical creature who would protect me with his love, my talisman, my wolf, the one who tails me, at my side always.. I think his name is perfect for him..” by Zoe


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