Introducing Bella

“We found Bella at Blacktown pound. It’s a heartbreaking walk up and down the kennels at the pound – but Bella made us smile with her instant love and affection. When we first saw her she came up to the bars and was madly licking our hands and wagging her tail so excitedly – you could tell she loved people, so we were soon back to pick her up and so happy to give her a home.

We have been told Whippet x Staffy, but we think also part Kangaroo (she has such an energetic spring to her play time bounds).

Bella is 4 years old and her favourite toy is a purple squeaky ring – you can’t even bribe her with food to get it back.

Bella thinks she is a 17kg lap dog – she would love nothing more than to sit on your lap and have her head stroked all day long. She also loves to lick the yoghurt foil lids when we are done with them (that said she will coax out of us just about any food scraps she can). Bella has such a cheeky personality – but because she is a pack dog she has been easy to train and a delight to have as part of our family xx .” by Alison


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