“Charlie aka Charles Brown aka Master Charles will reach double digits this year. Charlie’s unique birthday is 040506 and he has been my baby since he was 10 weeks old . He has always been a bit of a snob and generally prefers human company then other dogs . He also has a unique home situation. Charlie has had two homes most of his life . One with me and one with my ex partners mother ( Colleen ) in Manly . It is strange I admit but it works. Charlie is very much loved at both homes . When Charlie was two, I was looking at purchasing an apartment . Before doing so I discussed the situation with Colleen as I didn’t want him confined to a unit all day by himself and since moving into my unit Charlie has spent half the week with me and half the week with Colleen. He is also a regular at a local doggy day care as I would never leave him home alone all day in my apartment when I’m working . Charlie’s main love in life is the water . He loves the bay run at Drummoyne and takes the first opportunity to dive in the water . He also takes advantage of the dog friendly swimming spots on the northern beaches and is very well known amongst the locals. He looks like a pretty boy but loves nothing better than diving in the water to chase a ball then burying it in the sand. He is also very loyal, as are most of our four legged family members . My father nicked named him shadow years ago as wherever I am , he is of course right behind me . His loyalty, instinct and perhaps jealousy came out when my partner moved in with us early last year . My boyfriend and Charles are now best friends but it was a rocky start . Charles is perfectly house trained and would never relieve himself inside but …. A week or two into my boyfriend living with us Charlie decided to mark his territory by peeing on my boyfriends esky /lunch box ( he is a Tradie) . Shock quickly turned to laughter and a quick trip to Bunnings to buy a new esky. We met Magda at the perfect time for me as it was just a few weeks before I left Oz to spend 12 months in Ireland with my partner and his family. One of the hardest factors about moving away for a year apart from leaving family and friends was of course Charles but I am blessed in knowing he is truely loved at his other home and gets to swim every day. And now after my chance meeting with Magda I have these lovely professional shots of those big brown beautiful eyes ” by Chantelle



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