Gizmo and Albion

“Gizmo is a cranky old man trapped in the body of playful looking puppy.  He likes avoiding small children who are desperate to give him a pat or cuddle

Albion is a lapdog trapped in a 30kg Staffy cross body. He likes pretty much everything, but neck scratches and sleeping are high on the list.

Gizmo at a wild guess might be a terrier Chihuahua mix, roughly 10 years old.  We got him around five years ago as a friend of mine had rescued him, and I would pop by to walk him and keep him for longer and longer – eventually she said that I might as well keep him!  We got Albion through my boyfriend Glen’s colleague whose Staffordshire had puppies.  He’s meant to be a full Staffy, but just kept growing, so there’s a bit of something else in there!  He’s now three years old, but still the eternal puppy.

I have never seen two dogs who get along as well as Giz and Alby.  If one gets up to go outside, the other is straight behind him.  If they’re not sleeping, they are wrestling, with Albion lying down and Gizmo growling and biting his paws and ears while Alby tries to dodge.  Gizmo wins every time.  Gizmo’s greatest love: cats.  Greatest fear: cats.  Main dislikes are baths, thunder, and cats. Alby’s greatest love: roast lamb. Greatest fear: not getting any roast lamb.  Main dislikes are baths, the cold, and Gizmo stealing his roast lamb.

Both dogs are indifferent to chew toys, unless the other one is chewing one.” by Liz



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