“Moppett is a 6 year old Groodle who was very carefully chosen as a companion pet for our eldest son who is on the autism spectrum. My husband and I were not officially ‘dog’ people, we always enjoyed the company of cats, but we could tell from a young age that our son was very much a dog lover. Research led me to find out that Golden Retrievers have a beautiful calm temperament and Poodles are intelligent and good to train, so when you combine the two you get the perfect companion dog!

Moppett is most definitely a firm fixture in our family these days. My baby son has been born into a house with a large and loving, patient dog. Our older son sees Moppett as his best friend, and my husband and I have been known to cradle Moppett on our laps! Even though Moppett is quite a huge dog, he thinks he’s a lap dog and will often lean on us or sit on the lounge with his bottom, while his front paws are still on the ground!
He accommodates our cat, and when we had chickens, he would follow them around and make sure they were safe. The chickens would sometimes even stand on his back!
We love Moppett immensely and couldn’t imagine our house without his friendly big white head poking out of the fence to welcome us home. He is well known in our neighbourhood with people often stopping to pat him and I even have a list of people who have offered to take him for walks at any time! Walks are reserved for us, and a few chosen special people. He really is, “the best dog EVER!” as our son says.”
by Kathryn



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