“Breed: British bulldog

Age: she turned 1 today!(Aug 20, 2016)
Favourite toy: designer stuffed rat from aunt Jose
Favourite food: pork crackling straight out of the oven
Favourite play: loves a good wrestle with her best friends Aussie Bulldogs Boucher & Chunchou
We called her Nigella because she is beautiful, British, loves food and will grow to have a fuller figure 🙂
British Bulldogs was a breed that suited our lifestyle and the limited space we live in, not to mention how adorable they are.  I was just extremely lucky, a girlfriend at work had bought her dog Sybil (Nigella’s aunt) from a reputable breeder, Mick.  Nigella was the last one left from his litter, only because she was returned by a lady whose circumstances changed.” by Mei

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