Deeks, Fawkes, Stella and Lily; Part 1

Deeks and Stella

“Deeks is a Bull Mastiff/ Malamute. He came to us from Big Dog Rescue. They got him out of the pound where he had been surrendered as he had grown too big for his previous owners. He has just turned three years old. He loves any food including plums. He is a clean freak. He licks his paws clean whenever he walks inside the back door. He likes to hang at the front fence and greet the local kids on their way home from school.

Stella was a rescue through Great Dane Rescue. She was two when she arrived and she is now three. She is a mantle Pure Bred Great Dane. She will climb out any window left open despite her size. She loves playing tug with Fawkes and they will play for hours. She is a naughty bench food thief and will steal anything left unattended for more than 2 mins.” by Suzanne



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