Deeks, Fawkes, Stella and Lily; Part 2

Fawkes and Lily

“Fawkes was a rescue through Great Dane Rescue. He was only 6 weeks old when we got him. He is now two years old. He is a Merle Great Dane cross. He loves to have the last bark in every discussion. He likes to climb into our laps despite his large size. He will sit in any pond or water puddle.

Lily is a 6 month old pure Great Dane girl who was found wandering in a rural area. She was not claimed at the pound and was rescued by Great Dane Rescue when her time was up at he pound. She was fostered by us to help improve her health and teach her some basic training. She had been badly malnourished when she arrived. She has now joined a wonderful family down the South Coast who also have a Cocker Spaniel.

Lily liked to eat the blankets on the bed and the computer cords when she could get access to them.

My new wool blanket has two very nice holes in it.” by Suzanne


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