“Aroha means love in Maori, which was my way of connecting my now 10 year old puppy to my Kiwi roots.  My brother, who lives in Albury, gifted her to me from his [now passed] dog Lucy’s second litter.  She was supposed to be a chocolate lab [Lucy was golden and she was mated with a chocolate lab] but the litter was 6 black and 2 golden!

I have 7 year old twins and Aroha has proven to be very patient and tolerant of all the attention they give her, whether she wants it or not.  She is very much a part of the family and enjoys the comfort of indoors when we are home.  She is very good at reading my moods, sometimes heading to the back door wanting the refuge of one of her outdoor beds!  One bed is at the gate, where she lays in anticipation of my neighbours across the street, with whom she has formed a wonderfully strong bond too, coming to take her for a walk, as they do most days and in the meantime just watching the world go by.  The other is in the garage for times of inclement weather.
She has given me 10 wonderful years of amazing unconditional love as pets do and I anticipate many more.” by Esther

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