Hennie and Lulu

“Let us introduce you to our special Girls!


Following the very sudden accidental death of our adored Miffy, our very special black and tan  Cavoodle in May 2015, we were devastated, feeling her loss terribly, entering into a period of great emptiness.

Towards the end of 2015, Michael’s cousin Petie suggested that we  should consider introducing  another four legged friend  into our family.

Michael and I had discussed that it would be much more fun if we were to introduce a pair of puppies so that each would have a playmate for company during the long part of the day when we were away at work.

Petie suggested that a dog worth considering would be a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, as they are a good size,  are highly affectionate, extremely patient , playful,  and always eager to please.  Just as our Miff had always been.

Minds made up that the time was right,  Petie, presented us with two adorable little Cavalier puppies, litter sisters.  They are both tan and white, or Blenheim, which is named after Blenheim Palace where John Churchill first bred this colouring.   From the minute they arrived, we were smitten!  They reminded us of aristocratic  children!  Wicked but always forgivable!

Hennie the big sister, we named after Queen Henrietta Marie, King Charles the 2nds Mother.  LuLu we named after Louise Duchess of Portsmouth, the mistress of Charles the 2nd 

They are both  very happily settled with us at Fintry, and enjoying the comfortable life with walks  and enthusiastic visits to the park in Annandale.  These treks are well received, with the girls running thither and thither and socializing with dogs of all shapes and sizes, both large and small…with great enthusiasm and no hint of shyness involved!   Others in the park enjoying their good looks and sense of innocent pleasures!

Although not entitled to enter the Houses of Parliament as of right or privilege, our girls would have you believe that if living in the UK  that would not be the case!” by Janie and Michael.




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