Mili, Tobi and Franki

“We have 3 chinese crested. Tobi Jugs, Milli Moo and Franki


Tobi Jugs is a 6yr old male a hairy hairless. He is a snuggle boy and very affectionate and loves nothing more then cuddling up on the lounge or underneath the doona at bed time. He loves walks and loves human attention. Gets very withdrawn and anxious if left alone. A real old man in a puppy body.


Milli Moo is Tobis little sister. Born the same day from same litter. She is a powder puff and you could say almost the opposite to Tobi. She is very independent and doesn’t like human attention or cuddles. If we get 30 secs with her patting we consider ourselves very lucky. She would much rather bury herself in bed and stay there all day. She also loves walks and if anything is a Daddys girl.


Franki was a rescue. We heard he needed a home and couldn’t resist that face. He is only 11 months. Hairy Hairless male. We have had him 3 months and its taken him a long time to settle in and get used to us. He is also very affectionate and only now will cuddle on the lounge or in bed. He has had his fair share of chewing on furniture and doors. He is very lucky we love him. He had a problem in his hip joint and needed major surgery on his leg but recovering very well now and starting to use his leg.


They are all very spoilt and love laying in front of the heater. They have coats there wear outside in winter as they get very cold with no hair to protect them. If we go out we always organise a dog sitter to sit with them. They have the best life. We just loved the breed and how so many people think they are so ugly. We found beauty in ugly.” by Sasha


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