“When we picked our mini schnauzer up from the breeder in Dural, we chose him because he was playful.   Mini schnauzers have grumpy old man faces, so we thought we’d call him Jeffrey to suit that face.  Our son called him De-dee before he could say the name and sometimes we lovingly just call him Dumb Dog.


He has a toy called “JJ” (junior Jeffrey) which was a stuffed dog.  Jeffrey loved him so much that he became a deflated saggy piece of material and 5 years later, he still carries him around.  It looks nothing like a dog anymore.


He is really comical and jumps around like a little lamb and when he was a puppy he would cock his leg on anything, including things he shouldn’t.  Once he stole the thong off a young man who was cuddling his girlfriend in the park.  It was very embarrassing chasing him to return the thong so they could continue canoodling.  Thankfully they enjoyed the show.” by Faye


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