Hayne and Billie


Billie is 1 year old female American Staffie. We purchased her as a companion to our older dog Hayne. Billie has a mischievous nature and loves to run and wrestle with Hayne. She is highly energetic and spirited and loves socialising with other dogs and people at the dog park. Billie likes to dig and we are always discovering new holes around our back garden.



Hayne is an 8 year old male American Staffie, we purchased him from a friend who is a breeder. Hayne lost his sight when he was 3 years old and has since learned to navigate life using his other senses. He did not lose his sense of adventure and loves to be outdoors and involved in family life. When our children were little they used to ride him around the backyard and he would patiently oblige. Hayne is a gentle giant and has a calm and loving nature and is extremely loyal.” by Sarah



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